The 53 Famous Views. A set of 55. Publisher, Tsutaya. Seal date, Hare Year (1855). Numbered plates. Ōban Tateye. Also, printed from the same blocks, an edition on crepe paper.

1. Nihon-bashi The bridge in middle distance; beyond it a row of nine ends of buildings in white; Fuji on sky-line, left. In foreground, a street seen in a break of conventional cloud.
la. Another state. Without shading on the peak of Fuji.

2. Shinagawa The town on shore of the bay, seen from edge of a cliff with pine and cherry trees. Outside the harbour breakwater a row of boats at anchor, right.

3. Kawasaki In the foreground, a country boat and timber raft on the river; to right, a trestle-bridge. Beyond the far wooded bank are banks of mist above which is the snow-streaked cone of Fuji.

4. Kanagawa A tea-house balcony, with lanterns, right, overlooks the bay with country boats; the full moon above.

5. Hodogaya In foreground, tea-houses with lanterns and coolies resting; in centre, rice-fields between ranges of low hills with a few tall pine trees.

6. Totsuka In foreground, three peasants working in rice-field in dip between rocky slopes. The road with pine trees in centre; beyond it, right, the snowclad peak of Fuji seen through trees.

7. Fujisawa In foreground, the road with travellers and tall pine trees; beyond, left, the peak of Fuji rises over the trees.

8. Hiratsuka The foreground almost bare with three pines to right, ferry-boats on the river in middle distance; beyond, the village and trees, left, with the peak of Fuji rising to left of a green ridge.

9. Oiso A hill-side with pines and memorial-stones; below, to left, a small shrine; beyond, the bay and a range of mountains.
9a Another state without the brown printing on the shrine and left roof in foreground.

10. Odawara In foreground, roofs of houses, three pine trees and two rows of fishermen hauling on ropes of a net. Beyond, the sea with sailing-boats and mountains, right.

11. Hakone Night. To right, a steep road with stone wall, rows of stones, three pine trees and coolies, two of whom carry torches, overhangs a torrent; on the far side, a mountain with three pines in silhouette.

12. Mishima The torii with a single pine tree to left; to right, a row of shops, etc., with passers-by.

13. Numazu Snow; the stream is crossed by two trestle-bridges, on one of which are two travellers. The outline of Fuji to left.

14. Hara In the foreground, the road with travellers and village, left; beyond the fields and low hills with scattered pines, the cone of Fuji rises above the top of the panel.

15. Yoshiwara In foreground, fishermen in boats on edge of a marsh, with a group of pines in centre, and flight of birds; above rises the peak of Fuji. Note:- In some prints the striations on Fuji are in blue instead of grey.

16. Kambara A tea-house on either side of the head of a steep road with travellers arriving; below, the river with boats. On the far bank a green hill with scattered pines.

17. Yui The road winds steeply up-hill to left; in foreground are the crossed trees appearing in the First Tokaido scene. Below to right, the bay with rocks and surf; Fuji, snow-clad, seen through the trees on the cliff.

18. Okitsu Coolies carrying travellers and baggage across the river; on the far bank, tree-clad cliffs, the village to left, and wooded mountains beyond.

19. Yejiri In foreground, two nets drying and two punts on the beach; beyond is the river with boats, and above, in distance, to left, Fuji rises above the clouds.

20. Fuchu Night scene. The gate of a group of buildings, with left, a mounted traveller. In the distance a range of hills above banks of mist, and the crescent moon.

21. Mariko On the left a tea-house with travellers refreshing; also colour-prints hung up of two actors, the Nihon-bashi, Fuji and another. To right, other shops, etc. Travellers, one mounted, pass along the road above a tall tree on which rises a green hill with scattered pines.

22. Okabe A few travellers pass up the gorge to a small rest-house in centre. On either side, on the heights, are three pine trees; and beyond, a round-topped mountain rises above clouds.

23. Fujiyeda Travellers fording the river, on the right bank of which are two willow trees.

24. Shimada A daimyo procession fording the river; in the foreground, a rough plank bridge; in distance, wooded hills and mountains rising above them.

25. Kanaya The ford seen from the top of a steep road with tree-clad banks on either side, and a mounted traveller ascending. In the far distance, the white cone of Fuji.

26. Nissaka The road, bordered with trees, ascends steeply towards the, right from a tea-house on left in foreground. Beyond the chasm to left of the road is a high range of mountains. The famous stone does not appear.

27. Kakegawa Travellers fording the river in two places; on a mound to right in the bend, a group of trees; on the farther bank, cliffs with wooded summits. Beyond, in distance, a round-topped mountain.

28. Fukuroi Peasants at work in rice-fields, with three pine trees and distant village and hills. Two men on road to right fly a large kite and another is also in the air.

29. Mitsuke Pine trees, travellers and a tea-house in foreground; beyond, the river with islands and boats, and mountains in the distance.

30. Hamamatsu The famous old pine tree to right on the shore, with surf; to right, a daimyo with attendants viewing it.

31. Maisaka The rocky promontory is on the right of the upper part of the design; sailing-ships and small boats below it; and a line of posts across the bottom right corner of the panel.

32. Arai The village and temple overlooking the sea, seen from the green hills above; a line of boats stretches across to the far shore, where Fuji rises above the nearer mountains.

33. Shirasuka The road climbs to the right with travellers and scattered pine trees. Below to left is the beach, with boats, nets, etc., and distant mountains on the skyline beyond the sea.

34. Futakawa To left of the road, in foreground, are two shops with signs inscribed. Large trees in centre. Behind rises a green hill with scattered pines and distant mountains.

35. Yoshida The bridge, with head of a daimyo procession crosses the foreground; beyond is the river with boats, a belt of pines, and the castle and distant mountains rising above mist.

36. Goyu The river winds past willow trees; in foreground, three travellers and two children fishing. Beyond, mountains with pine trees at summits, and Fuji seen above in the centre.

37. Akasaka The road, with signposts and tall pine trees, winds through ricefields to the village on right. In foreground a man is beating a lad with a stick. Above is the crescent moon.

38. Fujikawa Snow scene, with falling snow. The village and stream are in middle distance. In foreground, a large tree and a peasant with straw coat standing near and travellers descending. In the distance, the white form of hills, without outlines.

39. Okazaki The bridge goes across the panel from upper left to right. In foreground, below, a man is washing down a horse on the near bank. Beyond, woods and distant mountains; the castle to right.

40. Chiriu Two ancient and distorted pine trees, with travellers by the wayside; to right, a marsh.

41. Narumi To left, a tall rack with dyed cloths hung up to dry; and beyond, a large pine tree. The village, with shops on the far side of the road, to right.

42. Miya The right part of a tall torii, in foreground to left. In centre, a group of men and women on the quay, with boats beyond.

43. Kuwana A large country sailing -boat with a group of passengers in centre; near it a small fishing-boat. The castle on shore to right.

44. Yokkaichi Trestle-bridge, with coolies, in foreground; the village to left. Beyond, pine trees and the masts of shipping, and the sea with a group of sailingboats and birds.

45. Ishiyakushi In foreground, a stream draining from rice-fields; to left, a tall cherry tree in blossom; to right, two peasants, torii, etc.; the village and hills in middle distance.

46. Shono Coolies with baggage decorated for a festival on the road; beyond, three great pine trees, rice-fields and distant hills.

47. Kameyama A thunderstorm, heavy clouds, rain and lightning, peasants on the steep road, edged with pine trees and leading to the castle.
Note:- Remarkable attempt to produce effect of lightning with white lining to cloud.

48. Seki The road with buildings on either side runs from left to right, on edge of a precipice, with torii temple lanterns and steps downward. In distance double-peaked mountain-top, birds, and sky with zigzag clouds printed. Note:- Rare attempt at printed clouds.

49. Sakanoshita The road, right, leads up to a cave in which three Buddhas are seen; in centre is the torrent-a succession of waterfalls, with steep cliffs and scattered pine trees on either side.

50. Tsuchiyama A samurai with three women and three banner-bearers on the near bank of a rocky stream; beyond which is a little shrine in a pine wood and hill with clouds over-printed.

51. Minakuchi Peasants, a pilgrim, etc., on road to right of a small stream, with trees on each bank; to right, huts; beyond, high hills.

52. Ishibe The two-story tea-house, with guests, etc.; in the garden to left, a stone lantern.

53. Kusatsu In foreground, six country sailing-boats near the piers of the harbour; in the distance, other sailing-boats and a range of mountains, with castle, right.

54. Otsu The terrace of a temple, with cherry trees in blossom and eaves of the building, left; in distance, Fuji rises beyond the water with sailing-boats, and low hills.

55. Kyoto The bridge crosses the foreground; in middle distance a great bank of pink mist partly obscures the city on the farther bank; above it is a green hill with trees.