The 53 Stations of the Tokaido. A set of 54. Publisher, Tsutaya. Chūban Yokoye.
Note:- Shimada (24) and Kanaya (25) are combined in one scene. Late editions occur, printed in coarse, thick colour. The famous points of view are indicated by names on labels.

1. Nihon-bashi Two litters borne by coolies, left; other porters and fire-ladder, right.

2. Shinagawa Daimyo procession crossing the shore from left; boats anchored in the bay.

3. Kawasaki Two loaded ferry-boats; people with umbrellas waiting on near bank, right.

4. Kanagawa Four tea-houses with yellow roofs and two great pine trees, left; the sea to right.

5. Hodogaya Travellers crossing bridge towards the left; two-branched tree in foreground.

6. Totsuka Stream right; beyond it, the road with a litter and porter, willow and two pine trees; village to left.

7. Fujisawa Village street with travellers; two trees in foreground, and stone pillars; right, tea-house with decorations.

8. Hiratsuka Similar view to that in First Tokaido; rough shelter and travellers resting, right.

9. Oiso Coolies with litters and packs come along winding road on right; the bay to left.

10. Odawara The ford in foreground; pines and mist in middle distance.

11. Hakone Four travellers on boulder-strewn road in a gap in the pass; beyond, the sea and mountains.

12. Mishima Three houses to left, with small trestle-bridge in foreground; beyond, pine-trees, cherry-blossom and the peak of Fuji.

13. Numazu To right, a tea-house; centre, two pines, signpost, etc.; travellers and porters on the road. On the left, mountains seen above the mist slope upwards sharply.

14. Hara Road with travellers in foreground; three pine trees, left; Fuji in snow, right centre, rises above the top line of design; around it a wreath of white cloud (dragon symbol).

15. Yoshiwara Road with pedestrians bends sharply to left between three pine trees; Fuji to left; village to right.

16. Kambara River with three boats and four men on near bank; beyond, mountains rise above mist, with Fuji to right.

17. Yui Tea-houses at foot of a pine-clad cliff, to right; the sea with three boats, left

18. Okitsu Three aged pines, right; left, a led horse, with brushwood and mountains rising above the village on far side of the bay.

19. Yejiri Four travellers caught on a bridge in heavy rain and wind; the village on farther bank, left.

20. Fuchu Tea-house right; a group of trees in the centre, and beyond, the river and low hills.

21. Mariko Snow. The village, among trees is in centre at foot of the left of two great hills.

22. Okabe Travellers cross the pass in dip between steep slopes with pine trees; beyond, roofs of houses and distant mountains.

23. Fujiyeda Travellers fording a stream; in right centre a large willow tree.

24. 25. Shimada and Kanaya. A procession of travellers fording the Oigawa, of which the opposite banks are seen, rising to distant mountains.
Note:- The inscriptions in bottom right corner (Shimada) and top left corner (Kanaya) indicate that this scene covers two of the usual Views.

26. Nissaka The mountain path ascends to left; on it is the famous boulder, with a group of travellers and two great pines. Distant mountains, right.

27. Kakegawa To left, a torii and temple lantern, with five travellers on the road. Rice-fields and distant mountains seen beyond three great pines.

28. Fukuroi Road in foreground with travellers cooking, etc.; rice-fields and distant mountains seen beyond one large and two small pine trees in centre.

29. Mitsuke In foreground the river with three ferry-boats being punted; beyond, wooded banks.

30. Hamamatsu Travellers making a fire by the road-side; beyond, the sea seen through pine trees.

31. Maisaka Imaki Point to right; eight sailing and two small boats are shown.

32. Arai Three country sailing-boats in foreground; others in distance to right; to left, distant mountains.

33. Shirasuka The sea is seen in the dip between two hills with pines, similar to the view in First Tokaido but with a few travellers on the road instead of the daimyo procession.

34. Futakawa The village in foreground; to left, a tea-house with tall pine tree; hills with scattered pines rise beyond rice-fields.

35. Yoshida The bridge crosses the river from left to right; on the far bank, to left, is the castle.

36. Goyu Night scene; a corner of the village street with women trying to draw travellers into their tea-houses.

37. Akasaka Night scene with crescent moon; travellers with lanterns on the road.

38. Fujikawa The village of thatched houses slopes up the hill to left; the road is stepped with large stones; to right, a high hill.

39. Okazaki The bridge crosses in middle distance; to left, women washing on the bank with big umbrellas.

40. Chiriu The horse-fair. Groups of horses in long grass with dealers, stalls, etc. To left, the trunks of two tall willows; three more on slope of hill to right.

41. Narumi A row of shops in background; the road, with travellers, bends round from right to left.

42. Miya A torii to left, beyond it the angle of a castle; road with travellers in foreground; country boats, right.

43. Kuwana Two sailing-boats, with sails partly lowered, entering the inlet; the castle to right; in foreground, two men and a woman near the upright of a torii.

44. Yokkaichi In centre, a torii, two temple-lanterns and two pine trees; buildings on either side.

45. Ishiyakushi The walled entrance to a village, with houses seen in centre through the opening; in foreground, the trunk of a tall tree, signposts, etc.

46. Shono Coolies with baggage resting; to right, an office with officials examining papers.

47. Kameyama View from above of inn buildings with curtain having a daimyo badge, and a procession starting. To right, a party of samurai being received by the host near foot of tall tree.

48. Seki In centre, a group of trees on a hillock; beyond is the road with a daimyo procession.

49. Sakanoshita The rest-house with travellers admiring the view is in the foreground; beyond, the hills and waterfall occupy the centre of the distance.

50. Tsuchiyama Driving rain; the torrent is crossed by a trestle-bridge, with three travellers. Beyond, in centre, a rounded hill with pines.

51. Minakuchi Large two-story inn seen from the garden, with palm, lantern, ornamental stones, etc.

52. Ishibe To left, the inn as in first series but with only one tree. In right foreground, roofs of cottages and plum-blossom.

53. Kusatsu Travellers wading across a winding stream; the village in middle distance; trees on sky-line right and left.

54. Otsu Coolies with baggage on the quay-side; to right, a lighthouse; country boats in the bay and distant mountains beyond the town on the farther bank.

55. Kyoto The bridge crosses from left to right in foreground; beyond, the town stands at foot of wooded slopes and distant mountains in centre, with a flight of birds.