Marusei Tokaido A set of 55. Publisher, Marusei. Ōban Yokoye.
Note:- As it has not been found possible to have access to a complete series, details are not given. A considerable number are described in the British Museum catalogue. Titles are in red frames, with plate-number and sub-title in black; the title being written in reisho character; hence the set is also known as the "Reisho Tokaido."

Hayashi Tokaido Six of a set (unfinished). Publisher, Hayashi-sho. Ōban Yokoye.
Note:- Title also in reisho character. The following subjects only are known - Nihon-bashi (1), Shinagawa (2), Kawasaki (3), Fujisawa (7), Oiso (9) and Hakone (11).

Fujikei Tokaido About three-fourths of a set (unfinished). Publisher, Fujikei. Ōban Tateye. Figures and landscapes.

Muraichi Tokaido A set of 56. Publisher, Muraichi (1852). Chūban Tateye.

Tokaido Gojusan Tsugi Saiken Dzuye Views of the Tokaido with humorous figures. About 11 of a set (unfinished). Publisher, Muratetsu. Ōban Tateye.

Aritaya Tokaido A set of 56. Publisher, Aritaya. Four scenes on each of 14 sheets.

Yamasho Tokaido A set of 56. Publisher, Yamasho. Eight scenes on each of 7 sheets.

Jokin (miniature) Tokaido A set of 60. Publisher, Jokin. Twenty scenes on each of 3 sheets.
Note:- In order to complete the sheets, views of Kamakura, Kanazawa and Enoshima are inserted after Totsuka (6) and 2 of the Eight Views of Omi after Kusatsu (53).

The Harimaze (cut-up) Tokaido series are catalogued under that heading on page 187.