The 53 Stations of the Tokaido. A set of 55. Publisher, Yezakiya (Yetatsu). Known as the Gyosho Tokaido from the style in which the title is written. Ōban yokoye (7¾ by 12½ inches). A 2nd edition published by Yamadaya.

1. Nihon-bashi A party with a kago on the bridge. In foreground to left a coolie carrying two tubs on a yoke, and a dog; to right, a group of four men. Foreground spotted with large stones.
la. 2nd ed., three girls to left in foreground. (Yamadaya.)

2. Shinagawa Tea-house with two travellers to left; woman and three upturned punts, right; boats in middle distance.

3. Kawasaki Subject of First Tokaido (3), much varied. Two ferry-boats; Fuji in middle distance.

4. Kanagawa Road in foreground with three travellers right, and two porters left two pine trees, centre. Village left, sailing-boats right.

5. Hodogaya Bridge with three travellers crosses middle distance: tea-house with three lanterns, left.

6. Totsuka Road with mounted traveller and woman in litter descends between slopes of hills, two pine trees right, one left. (2nd ed.)

7. Fujisawa Road with travellers in foreground; bridge left; torii with tablet right; and milestone.

8. Hiratsuka Road with pack-horse and three coolies halted on bank of stream ferry-boat left; Fuji, left of centre, rises above trees left, and peaks, right.

9. Oiso Five daimyo retainers with insignia on road in foreground; two old pinetrunks, and mountains beyond the sea.

10. Odawara The ford is to left; pine trees on each side of road in right foreground; mountains occupy whole distance.

11. Hakone Coolies pass to left along boulder-strewn road, between slopes of mountains; on right slope great boulders and four pine trees; below, milestone.

12. Mishima The village seen in cup formed by tree-clad slope, right, and teahouse, left, peaks beyond. In centre, two samurai with umbrellas arrive.

13. Numazu Silkworm culture house, left, with man changing trays; in foreground, three travelling musicians and boy, between two pine trees; peaks in distance.

14. Hara Fuji rises above frame-line to left, beyond river and bars of mist; travellers pass along road in foreground, with trees, and two cottage-roofs, right.

15. Yoshiwara Shop, right, with jars, peasant-hats, umbrellas, etc., two travellers standing, another seated drinks sake; Fuji rises left beyond flat ground and trees.

16. Kambara Three pilgrims and a willow tree on road to left; Fuji rises in right centre beyond other peaks, mist and river.

17. Yui Porters with packs and a litter cross to left, over trestle-bridges over a creek, towards a pine-clad hummock and the village.

18. Okitsu The road is to right with travellers, one mounted, passing trunk of a great pine tree; the bay to left, with two sailing-boats in distance.

19. Yejiri Snow. The road with travellers passes trees to village, left; rice-fields and trees, right.

20. Fuchu On either side of the road a (?) rice-cake shop; pilgrims (one with the mark of the Kompira Shrine) and other travellers in road, centre; beyond, trees, fields and river.

21. Mariko Tea-house with plum-blossom, hanging sign and two travellers and a
waitress, to left; to right, roof of a house, with red and white plum-blossom.

22. Okabe Tea-house at summit of the pass, with a seated traveller and waitress; coolies arrive from right. On the other side of the chasm, precipitous tree-clad slopes and peaks beyond.

23. Fujiyeda Travellers crossing a stream; the village beyond to left, and mass of trees to right.

24. Shimada A samurai with attendant, crossing a trestle-bridge, a peasant going the other way. Beyond, the river embankment, a stack of the rafts used by coolies; Fuji in middle distance beyond trees.

25. Kanaya A daimyo procession carried across the river by coolies; to right a wrestler, seated on a litter, also crosses; beyond, green slopes, right, and peaks, left.

26. Nissaka The ghost-stone is to left of centre foreground; two travellers to right of it; another in a litter, and a woman to left, behind the crossed trunks of two pine trees; beyond, the river and green hills.

27. Kakegawa Road in foreground with travellers passes a torii with tablet; on either side a stone lantern and a pine tree.

28. Fukuroi The road goes away from the centre, between pine trees and rice-fields; travellers coming and going.

29. Mitsuke Two ferry-boats with passengers in foreground, a third in middle distance; beyond, green fields, trees and peaks.

30. Hamamatsu Three peasants in foreground, one seated; beyond, ancient pine trees on the shore, and sailing-boats at sea.

31. Maisaka Two sailing-boats, one arriving with half-lowered sail, to left; to right, three coolies with package on the shore. Beyond, to right, Imaki Point, with sailing-boats in distance to left.

32. Arai Five country boats with grass roofs under sail. Beyond, a line of low peaks.

33. Shirasuka The road winds steeply up the hill to right where a group of travellers are resting; at foot of the slope a pine tree and standing figure; three sailing-boats in distance, left.

34. Futakawa The tea-house with two signs is in centre, with travellers sitting, standing and passing; to right, two bushy trees; beyond, right and left, green slopes with young pines.

35. Yoshida Foreground, a bridge with four travellers; beyond the river, Toyokawa Castle amid trees and to its left two mountains rise above the mist.

36. Goyu The village street with travellers who are accosted by female servants from rival tea-houses; left, a tea-house with two maids seated on a bench; right, the roof of another tea-house.

37. Akasaka Night scene, with full moon; along the road, between three pine trees in centre, are travellers with lanterns, two running with dispatches; beyond, a range of peaks.

38. Fujikawa Travellers pass along the steep street, ridged with stones; left, two shops with notices; right, roofs of two houses.

39. Okazaki The bridge crosses foreground from right to left, with travellers, a woman riding under an umbrella, etc., and a man with banner; beyond, the castle to right, and mountains to left.

40. Chiriu The road winds from left and turns sharply to right, between the trunks of two great pine trees, at the feet of which travellers are resting, two more lighting pipes.

41. Narumi The textile shop to right with a customer, porters passing and three women to left.

42. Miya A torii to left, and three travellers on the shore; sailing-boats in centre and distance left; right, trees on a green bank and three masts over them.

43. Kuwana Composition resembling that of First Tokaido (43). A country boat lies up at the foot of steps leading to a torii right; left, another puts out to sea with half-raised sail.

44. Yokkaichi To left, a tea-house with hanging decorations (some with badge of Hiroshige); torii and lantern centre; beyond which, to right, is a pack-horse with three riders.

45. Ishiyakushi Snow scene; travellers, one mounted on road in foreground; to left, group of pine trees; right, hills rise over roofs of houses. Great flakes of snow against dark ground.

46. Shono The barrier, left, with official examining papers; right, a group of coolies with pack-horses.

47. Kameyama Coolies with slung packages coming down the road from right between trunks of great pine trees; left, distant hills with pine trees.

48. Seki At the open front of the tea-house a traveller bathes his feet; another is being received at the door; an aged maid-servant accosts a passer-by.

49. Sakanoshita Three travellers seated on two benches at the tea-house and admiring the view, another standing; a servant brings two cups of tea on a tray; left, peaks and waterfall seen above mist.

50. Tsuchiyama Rain; the head of a daimyo procession wading through a torrent; right, a pine tree growing from a cleft in the rock; left, mountain peaks.

51. Minakuchi Cottage, left, with a man beating straw for hats, etc., a straw-worker inside, and trunks of two great pine trees near. In the street, to right, a group of travellers.

52. Ishibe A group of travellers at the entrance to a palisaded wall; in centre, a signpost and two pine trees.

53. Kusatsu The road in foreground, with three travellers, one carrying an empty litter, also a pine tree, and cherry and plum trees in blossom; beyond, the river and distant mountains.

54. Otsu The tea-house, right, with travellers resting, baggage with mon, signboard, and decorations; to left, sailing-boats and hills beyond.

55. Kyoto Bridge in left foreground, with seven travellers, one bearing a straw crate on his head; beyond the river, to right, is the city at the foot of wooded slopes.