Fifty-three Stations on the Tokaido. A set of fifty-five (including prints for the starting-point at Yedo and arrival at Kyoto). Publishers, Senkakudo and Hoyeido for the greater part of the 1st edition, which was finished by the Hoyeido firm alone. The series was completed in the 1st month of Tempo 5 (1834) and then republished in book form by Takenouchi-Hoyeido. Engraver, Jirobei; Printer, Heibei (see No. 36). Prints on crepe paper are to be met with.

1. Nihon-bashi, Yedo. Asa-no Kei The head of a daimyo's procession crossing the bridge, with two porters carrying red boxes, followed by two standard bearers. On left six street hawkers; two dogs to right. Sky with clouds. Seals, Ki-Kaku and Takenouchi.
1a. Gioretsu Furude Another version with different blocks, chiefly in colour scheme of green, purple, black and red. Foreground filled with street hawkers, women, children, etc., and two puppies near the centre. Buildings redrawn. No clouds. Seal, Take.
Prints have been noted also with three and two seals.

2. Shinagawa. Hinode Dawn. A procession starting up the village street to right from the shores of the bay; six figures only - with two bowmen and two porters. Four ships with sails set, one under the bank and a group at anchor to left. Seal, Senkakudo, Hoyeido.
2a. Another version. Shoko Detachi Ten figures, including two with matchlocks, in the procession. Boats at anchor varied, the mast of that under the bank rises above the nearest sailing-boat. Seal, Takenouchi. Another print has two seals.
2b. Another state of 2a, without the cloud block and with one seal only.

3. Kawasaki. Rokugo Tosen A ferry-boat crosses the river and is awaited by a group of travellers and a pack-horse. To left a man is poling a timber-raft. Beyond clumps of trees is a village with thatched roofs; and Fuji is seen to right with bars of red cloud near its base. Seals, Senkakudo, Hoyeido.
3a. Another version. The man on the raft has been removed and Fuji is in outline only and without key-block. The cottages in the centre are redrawn with tiled roofs and the centre figure in middle distance, near the shop, is altered. Two seals.

4. Kanagawa. Kure-no Kei The village street rises steeply to left with a string of travellers, two of whom are accosted by women who try to drag them into the teahouses. In the bay, a sailing boat at anchor, towards which goes a skiff with two men; also five small boats and in distance to right five boats sailing. Cloud in sky to left. Seal, Hoyeido.
4a. Another version. Entirely redrawn, the roofs flatter; no skiff; cloud to right instead of left; posts at edge of water in foreground. Seal, Takenouchi.

5. Hodogaya. Shinkame Bashi Travellers crossing, from right, a wooden bridge at the end of which are tea-houses and the village stretching to right. Beyond tree-clad hill; distant mountains to right. Seal, Senkakudo, Hoyeido.
5a. Another state. The distant mountains to right omitted.

6. Totsuka. Motomachi Betsudo At the veranda of a tea-house to the left a man dismounts from his horse, a maid-servant to left; a woman and coolie to right. In centre a milestone, For Kamakura turn to left. On right a porter arrives across a wooden bridge. Beyond the stream, houses, pine trees and a palisade. The sky printed with striations. Hill in distance to left. Seal, Tsuruki Takenouchi.
6a. Another version. Entirely redrawn. The man is now mounting; the front of the tea-house is boarded in and the hill beyond has gone. The houses are fewer in number, less varied and surrounded with clumps of bamboo. A low hill and pine-wood in middle distance, sky gradated only. Seal, Takenouchi.

7. Fujisawa. Yugyoji The temple is on a hill in middle distance rising above the village. In the foreground a torii and near, three blind men facing a stream over which a bridge, left, leads back to the houses. Seal, Hoyeido.

8. Hiratsuka. Nawate Michi The Nawate Highway, with a few single pine trees, zigzags across rice-fields. Beyond a round-topped hill to left, craggy mountain to right and Fuji seen, white, between them. On the road a coolie running to right passes two travellers. Seal, Hoyeido, Senkakudo.

9. Oiso. Tora Ga Ame The village is on left turning round the flank of a hill, among pine trees. To right the sea beyond a bank also fringed with pines. Travellers, one mounted, enter the village in heavy rain. Five beehives in foreground. Seal, Takenouchi.

10. Odawara. Sakawaga Travellers fording the Sakawa River, in the middle of which is a litter. Beyond rice-fields and mountains rising high to right; at their feet the castle. Two coolies only on the near bank, and the outlines of the distant hills sharp and abrupt. Seal, Hoyeido.
10a. Another version. (? 1st state.) Two coolies and two travellers on the near bank. The distant mountain to right conical with a notch on its right side.
10b. Another version. Three coolies and two travellers on near bank. Distant hills rounded, one now appears behind the tree in middle distance and another on extreme left below the seal of the artist.
10c. Another version. Similar to 10b, except that distant mountains now have four main peaks instead of being rounded.

11. Hakone. Kosui On the right of the lake is a group of wild and precipitous cliffs, that in the centre, of many colours. The heads of pilgrims are seen in the pass on its right. To left are foot-hills beyond the lake over which is the white peak of Fuji. Seal, Hoyeido.

12. Mishima. Asakiri Heavy morning mist. In centre, a group of travellers, one mounted and one in a litter, are passing the entrance to a Shinto temple. Other travellers, houses and trees dimly seen in the mist to right and in distance. Seal, Hoyeido.

13. Numazu. Kikure The full moon rising in the centre, over the village towards which three pilgrims pass along a road bordering the river, one with a grotesque mask distinctive of pilgrims to the Shinto Shrine of Kompira in the Province of Sanuki. On left bank of the stream, thick pine-woods. Seal, Hoyeido.

14. Hara. Asa-no Fuji Fuji rising from a group of lower peaks on the far side of rice-fields - its cone going above the upper line of the frame-line. In the foreground, two women and a porter pass along the road to left; two cranes stand in the rice-field. Seal, Takenouchi.

15. Yoshiwara. Hidari Fuji A horse with three women in a balanced saddle and led by a man pass along the road, raised and edged with pine trees. To left the cone of the distant Fuji; to right, peaks of other mountains. Seal, Hoyeido.
15a. Another version. Entirely redrawn. Title is now across the cone of Fuji and the larger seal is above the trees on left instead of below the signature as on 15. No signature.

16. Kambara. Yoru-no Yuki The village occupies the middle distance; to left a steep tree-clad slope; beyond, trees and mountains, in the foreground the road slopes upwards to right with three peasants. All in heavy snow, which is still seen to fall against the dark background. Seal, Takenouchi.
An impression has been noted without the seal below signature; the sky varies in different prints.

17. Yui. Satta Mine On left steep crags with pine-trees and three travellers; in centre the trunks of two pine trees cross above flat-topped rocks. Below and to right is the bay with four sailing-boats and beyond the white cone of Fuji flecked with grey on its lower slopes. Seal, Hoyeido.

18. Okitsu. Okitsukawa Two wrestlers crossing the stream, one in a litter and one mounted. To left rocks and pine trees; in the distance is seen the sea with sails of boats, beyond pine trees in a marsh. Seal, Tsuruki Takenouchi.
Great variations of colour in different prints.

19. Yejiri. Miho Embo In the foreground the roofs of houses, beyond which is the bay with two groups of boats, some with sails, low spits of tree-covered ground jutting out into the sea, and mountains to left in distance. Seal, Hoyeido.
Variations of colour in different prints.

20. Fuchu. Abekawa In right foreground women are carried across the ford; to left coolies lead a pack-horse and others carry loads. Beyond the farther bank, great hills stretch away to the distance right and left. Seal, Hoyeido.

21. Mariko. Meibutsu Chaya The tea-house occupies the right foreground. Within, two travellers are having a meal, waited on by a woman with a baby on her back. Behind is a hill and on each side plum trees in blossom, that to left showing white against the graded pink of the sky. Another traveller walks away left. Seal, Tsuruki Takemago.
Many variations of colour.
21a. Another state. Without the horizontal lines of shading printed in green.

22. Okabe. Utsu-no Yama A torrent rushes down the pass between overhanging hills, that on the right with trunks of pine trees. On the path bordering the stream are peasants bearing bundles of wood, etc. Seal, Senkakudo.
Differences of colour have been noted, e.g., the left hill greenish yellow in one print, and olive green shading into brown in another.

23. Fujiyeda. Jinme Tsugitate A group of coolies changing horses and packs outside the inn, on the platform of which, to right, is seated an attendant. Seal, Tsuruki Takemago.

24. Shimada. Oigawa Shungan A procession of travellers crossing the first arm of the ford of the river 0-i from right to left. The chief retainers of the daimyo are waiting their turn on the shore of the near bank. Seal, Hoyeido.

25. Kanaya. Oigawa Engan The travellers crossing the farther portion of the ford on the river 0-i. A daimyo's litter is supported by a large group of coolies; a light bridge is over the last arm of the river, and mountains fill the distance. Seal, Takenouchi.

26. Nissaka. Sayo-no Nakayama The mountain path crosses the foreground and ascends steeply between pines to right. On it are travellers, some gazing at a great boulder said to commemorate the murder of a woman whose ghost led to the discovery of the murder (see p. 159) - In the gap to left peaks of mountains. Seal, Tsuruki Takemago.

27. Kakegawa. Akiha-San Empo To right Mount Akiha rises beyond ricefields and mist. In the foreground a trestle-bridge on which travellers are saluting a priest who crosses from left. A kite is flown from left and another has broken loose. Seal, Hoyeido.
27a. Varied printing. The water under the bridge is blue, with reflections; the sunset glow is orange, and the mountain-top, grey.

28. Fukuroi. De Chaya Wayside tea-house to left with travellers and maid boiling a large kettle over a fire the smoke of which shows blind tooling; behind is a large tree; to right a signpost on which is a bird and roofs of a village; in centre, rice-fields. Seals, Senkakudo, Hoyeido.

29. Mitsuke. Tenryugawa On the near arm of the river, right, two ferry-boats are beached, one with two boatmen. On the far side of the sand bank, more ferry-boats with travellers. Beyond, tree-clad hills appear in the mist. Seal, Hoyeido.

30. Hamamatsu. Fuyugare In centre of foreground a group of peasants with a fire at the foot of the trunk of a huge tree. Beyond, rice-fields in snow and the village and castle to right. Seal, Hoyeido.
Many variations of colour in different prints.

31. Maisaka. Imaki Shinkei Imaki Point, a group of rugged peaks juts out from right to centre. Beyond it to right the white cone of Fuji. Around the rocky shore are small fishing-boats. To right in foreground the sails of three boats and stakes to left. Seal, Hoyeido.

32. Arai. Tosen A ferry-boat, with peasants crossing from left. In centre, a daimyo's boat, screened, with badges and crest. Beyond the water the village amid pines and mountain peaks in the distance to right. Seal, Takemago.
32a. Another state. The garment of the left boatman has a diaper pattern. Green generally substituted for purple in colour-scheme.

33. Shirasuka. Shiomi Zaka The sea with sails is seen in the dip between two hill-sides each with pine trees, just below which appear the heads of badges of a daimyo procession. Below, the beach, with fishing nets drying and boats off the shore. Seal, Hoyeido.
33a. Another state. The red printing omitted from fishing nets on beach and from faces in the procession.

34. Futakawa. Saru Ga Baba To left a tea-house with sign, at which a traveller has just arrived; three musicians in centre pass towards it. Beyond is a great slope, with young pine trees, and beyond are flat fields, dotted with pines. Seal, Hoyeido.

35. Yoshida. Toyokawa Hashi Toyokawa Castle to right, with scaffolding and painters at work. To left the trestle-bridge crosses the river to the village; beyond, mountain peaks. Seal, Hoyeido.

36. Goyu. Tabibito Tome Onna The village street in the twilight. In centre, elderly maid-servants are struggling for possession of travellers. To left in an open tea-house, a traveller prepares to wash his feet. On its walls are the names of Jirobei, engraver; Heibei, printer; and Ichiryusai, designer. On a large circle, that of Takenouchi, fan, the publisher. Seal, Takenouchi.
36a. Another state. The name of Takenouchi omitted. Street printed throughout in green.

37. Akasaka. Ryosha Shofu Interior of an inn. To left a guest reclines and a maid brings his meal on two stands - other servants are in waiting. To right two geisha arrange their toilet. In the centre of the courtyard, a large sago-palm and stone lantern. Seal, Hoyeido.

38. Fujikawa. Bobana Villagers bowing down as the head of a daimyo procession reaches the entrance to the village. On either side of the road, walled bank with trees and bamboos. Below in centre, rice-fields. Sky with rich yellow clouds. Seal, Take ma go.
38a. Varied printing. The sky deep purple.

39. Okazaki. Tenshin-no Hashi A daimyo's procession crossing a trestle-bridge over the river from left to right. Beyond is the village, castle, a group of low hills and a mountain with rounded summit. Seal, Hoyeido.

40. Chiriu. Shuku Uma Ichi The horse-fair. Groups of horses tethered in long grass. In centre a tall tree with crowd of horse-dealers at its foot and a few buildings. Seal, Hoyeido.
40a. Variation of printing. The grass is greenish-blue instead of apple-green.
40b. Addition to design of a whale-back hill.

41. Narumi. Meibutsu, Arimatsu Shibori One side of the village street with two shops for selling stencilled fabrics for which the neighbouring village of Arimatsu was famous. Over the nearest is the cipher of Hiroshige. Along the road to right pass a woman in a litter with two women attendants, another woman riding a led horse, and a porter. Seal, Hoyeido.

42. Miya. Atsuta Jinji Two teams of men, each with one horse, hauling festival cars (not in the design) from right. To right part of a torii; to left a building outside which are two fires, and people watching. Seal, Takenouchi.

43. Kuwana. Shichi-ri Watashi Guchi Two sailing-boats, with sails partly lowered, entering the inlet on the farther side of which is Kuwana Castle. Other sailing-boats out at sea to right. Seal, Hoyeido.
43a. Another state. Without the heavy shading on the waves in the foreground.

44. Yokkaichi. San Cho Kawa A high wind blowing from right across the marsh. To left a peasant, cloaked, on a trestle-bridge; another races along the causeway to catch his hat which has blown off. In centre a willow tree bending to the wind; left, roofs of cottages and masts of boats. The bow of a punt in the foreground. Seal, Hoyeido.

45. Ishiyakushi. Ishiyakushi-ji The village temple among trees at the foot of a hill. beyond which rise the rounded summits of another range. Porters pass along a causeway towards the left; two more are working in rice-fields to right of the causeway. Seal, Hoyeido.
Mr. Happer notes that the blue hill in the background is missing in some prints.

46. Shono. Haku-u In driving wind and rain, three coolies with a litter mount the steep hill-side; two more hurry downwards to right. On the umbrella of one of these are the characters Takenouchi han and Gojusan tsugi. Beyond are the roofs of houses, bamboos bending to the wind, and the tops of two lines of trees dimly seen through the rain. Seal, Hoyeido.
46a. Another state. The characters no longer appear on the umbrella. The colour varies in different impressions. In the later there is no green over the bamboos to right of the hill-side.

47. Kameyama. Yukihare The whole scene is deep in snow, with steep hillsides to right, snow-laden trees and a procession climbing up to the castle. Below is the village and a fine rose-coloured glow to left. Seal, Hoyeido.

48. Seki. Honjin Hayatachi The courtyard of an inn at which a daimyo is resting, screened with hangings bearing his crest. Lower, servants preparing to start, before dawn; to left a group of them adjusting hats, etc.; farther back, others receiving a samurai. On the lanterns held by one of these is Hiroshige's cipher.

49. Sakanoshita. Fude Sute Mine To right a tea-house with guests on the edge of a precipice. Two visitors gazing across the chasm at the wild group of peaks, with waterfalls, opposite. Beyond, the double summit of another range.

50. Tsuchiyama. Haru-no Ame A daimyo procession crossing a bridge over a torrent, in heavy rain, towards a village, left, screened by a row of trees. Seal, Hoyeido.

51. Minakuchi. Meibutsu Kampyo In the foreground, to left, two women are preparing sliced gourd (kampyo), a third has a baby on her back. In the centre is a tree and beyond is the village amid bamboos, with palisades on which sliced gourd is hanging. High mountains in background.

52. Ishibe. Megawa Sato To left a large inn, trees, decorations, etc., with groups of travellers starting along the road to right. Beyond, distant mountains rise above bars of mist. Seal, Hoyeido.
The printing of the mist and distant hills varies considerably.

53. Kusatsu. Meibutsu Tateba A large tea-house with travellers eating ricecakes which are being made under the veranda. In the foreground two litters, one open and the other closed, both carried by coolies. Seal, Takemago.

54. Otsu. Hashirii Chaya Three bullock carts, one with bales of rice, the others with charcoal (?), come down the street from right to the tea-house on left, in front of which is a fountain with coolie filling buckets. In centre, pine trees rise above the bamboos, etc. A green hill faintly outlined in distance. Seal, Hoyeido.
54a. Another state. The green hill no longer appears.

55. Kyoto. Sanjo Ohashi The long trestle-bridge, with people crossing, covers the foreground. Beyond, the city lies along the river bank at the foot of a range of many-peaked hills and, beyond, a mountain range. Seal, Hoyeido.

Tokaido-no Uchi Enoshima-ji (The way to Enoshima from the Tokaido.) Shichiraga Hama. The Shichi-ri Beach. The beach curves boldly round from left to right, and again to left past crags crowned with trees, towards the wooded island. Travellers scattered along the beach which skirts the spurs of low, wooded slopes. Seal, Takenouchi-Hoyeido.
Note.-This print is thought to have been made as a supplement to the foregoing Tokaido Series; but it is more in the style of the Honcho Meisho. In the many other Tokaido Series Enoshima does not occur.