Note. - A complete catalogue of the prints signed Hiroshige would be an almost impossible task. They must number several thousands and are now scattered all over the world. The catalogue of the Memorial Exhibition consists of 233 titles, ranging from single prints to that of The Hundred Views of Yedo (120); and Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge's sale catalogue of Mr. J. S. Happer's collection (compiled by himself) runs to 732 lots including a few books, original drawings and work by the pupils. The excellent catalogues of sales since held by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge constitute a most valuable series for reference, and, if collated, would cover much of the ground; and the various catalogues issued in Paris by MM. Vignier and Portier, in which Mr. Inada has had a share, must also be mentioned. The published catalogue of Japanese Prints in the British Museum (by Mr. Laurence Binyon) and the MS. catalogue of the collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum have the advantage that the student can refer to the actual prints; but neither of those collections, important as they are, can yet be said to be fully representative even of the artist's best work in its best condition.

In the following catalogue an endeavour has been made to indicate, in more or less detail, those series which may be expected to come into the hands of the average private collector; and to supply a basis on which a fuller and more detailed catalogue may yet be built. It does not pretend to be exhaustive or to include the many states which, with more or less justification, may be evolved by minute examination. Mr. S. Tuke, in a paper read before the Japan Society, and Mr. W. H. Edmunds, in the Burlington Magazine (vol. xl.), give good indications to the student who desires to pursue this line of research.

For the sake of convenience of reference, the Tokaido series of titles are printed together and also several other groups. The general series is believed to be approximately in chronological order.