Furyu Genji Sono-no Ume Prince Genji in the plum-blossom gardens. Publisher, Isekane; engraver, Horitake; seal date, Ox Year, 1853.

Furyu Genji Suma-no Shiogama Prince Genji talking with a fisherwoman while enjoying the scenery of Shiogama.

Furyu Genji Suma Prince Genji watching at the Suma beach.
Note:- The above from a series, number not known.

Genji Series Viewing a snow scene in the garden of a daimyo. Publisher, Isekane; engraver, Yokogawa Horitake; seal date, A.D. 1857.

Azuma Genji Yuki-no Niwa Garden scene in snow, representing the story of Prince Azuma Genji. Children making a snow rabbit. Publisher, Moriji; seal date, A.D. 1854.

Imayo Genji Rojaku awase Old and young people of the day compared with characters in the story of Prince Genji. Publisher, Kagisho at Kanda; engraver, Sennosuke.
View of Yoshi-no yama in Yamato; famous for its cherry-blossom.
View of the sea-coast at Suma in Sesshu.

Gohitsu, Genji Teichiu-no yuki - Snow scene in the garden of Prince Genji. Publisher, Aito at Shitaya, Yedo.

Taga-no-Ura-no Fukei A daimyo and a lady composing a poem on the view of Taga-no-Ura, with Fuji. Publisher, Marujin; seal date, A.D. 1857.

Tsukuda View in moonlight, with a lady on a balcony.

Kyoto Hunting fire-flies on the banks of the Uji River.

Minamoto-no Yoritomo Daibutsu Kuyo-no dzu Kagekiyo being arrested in the courtyard of the Todaiji Temple during the visit of Yoritomo. Publisher, Yoshimiya Kunikichi, Ningiocho, Shin-norimonocho, Yedo; engraver, Renkichi.