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Stone monument for Hiroshige
The stone monument for Hiroshige is to be found in the inner garden of the Togakuji Temple (japanese text) belonging to the Zen Sect at Kita-Matsuyamacho, Asakusa, the family temple for the house of Ando. At the northern corner of the garden over a little pond, there stands the stone by two hemp-palm trees twined round by ivies. Thus the scene is at once lonely and inspiring. At the middle of the stone, there are inscribed with large characters of the reisho style Ryusai-Hiroshige-no-Haka (japanese text) (Tombstone for Ryusai-Hiroshige), on the left downward with smaller characters of the sosho style Ando-Yayeko Koreo Tatsu (japanese text) (Erected by Mrs. Ando-Yaye) and on the left side of the latter inscription added another legend Shimizu-Seifu-Sho (japanese text) (Brushed by Shimizu-Seifu) (See Illustration). On the lack, there are the following two separate inscriptions represented by the characters of the kaisho style.
Issei-Genkōin-Tokuo-Ryusaikoji (japanese text) (Post-humous Buddhist name of Hiroshige I) Sept. 6, the fifth year of Ansei (1858).
Nisei-Koryuin-Kigai-Ryusai Shinshi (japanese text) (Post-humours Buddhist name of Hiroshige II). March 28, the twenty-seventh year of Meiji (1894). This is Hiroshige's daughter's second husband to whom she married after discontinuing her conjugal relations wither her first husband Shigenobu or Hiroshige II. So he is in reality Hiroshige III though be is Hiroshige lI according to the lineage.
Formerly the stone stood just inside the temple gate. In the summer of 1916, it was removed to the present place from the necessity of reducing the temple yeard. Simultaneously with this, a tomb stone for the House of Ando that had stood in the grave yard was removed. It bore the post-humous buddhist names of Hiroshige himself, his parents and wife. The stone monument whose picture is reproduced below is the only remnant still standing in the temple yard.

Stone monument erected by Hiroshige III
This stone monument was erected by Hiroshige III in April, 1882. On the face of the monument there is an inscription of Hiroshige's death-song and downwards there is engraven on side view of Hiroshige of old age writing a polm on a panel.

Akiba shrine Mukojima
The above illustration shows the Akiba shrine Mukojima in the yard of which there stands Hiroshige's monument.

Scene of "Kuya-Nembutsu"
Scene of Kūya-Nembutsu (entertainment according to Buddhist rites) performed at 3 p.m. on September 6, the both anniversary of the death of Hiroshige.

Partial view of the Interior of the Exhibition Hall
Partial view of the Interior of the Exhibition Hall on the morning of the opening day. The left wall is first in order.