Loquat and Bird. Publisher, Jakurindo. Aizuri (blue print).
Camellia and Bird. Publisher, Wakasaya.
Peacock and Peonies. Publisher, Jakurindo.
Macaw and Pine Tree, yellow ground. Publisher, Jakurindo.
Macaw and Pine Tree, uneven light blue ground. Publisher, Jakurindo.
Cock, Umbrella, and Morning-glory. Publisher, Jakurindo.
Frogs and Yamabuki (Yellow Rose). Publisher, Jakurindo.
Hydrangea and Kingfisher. Publisher, Jakurindo. Artist's Seal, Yusai.
Snowy Heron and Iris.Publisher, Jakurindo.
Wild Duck in Snow. Artist's Seal, Baka (fool) in shape of horse and deer. Publisher, Yeijudo. Later edition without publisher's mark.
Onagadori (pheasant) and Plum-blossom. Publisher, Jakurindo.
Hawk and Pine Tree, Sunrise. Publisher, Jakurindo.
Cranes and Sunrise above Waves.
Pheasant and Young Pine Trees on a Hill in Snow.
Monkey under Cherry-blossom. Publisher, Jakurindo.
Mandarin Ducks in Water.
Flying Swallows and Peach-blossom in Moonlight.
Parrot and Pyrus Spectabilis.
Karashishi and Rocks.
Dragon in Clouds.
Pheasant and Chrysanthemum on top of a Hill.
Sparrows in Sazanka (mountain tea-flower, a species of camellia) in Snow.
Bird in Cherry Tree.
Note:- The above were issued about the years 1832-1834. On each is an ancient poem.

Sparrows and Bamboo. Publisher, Shoyeido.
Wild Geese crossing the Full Moon. Seal, Baka. Publisher, Shoyeido.
Magnolia. Publisher, Kawasho.
Egret and Reed. Publisher, Kawasho.
Autumn Flowers. Publisher, Kawasho.
Hibiscus and small Birds.
Iris and the Eastern Kingfisher.
Chickens in Snow, back view.
Five flying Swallows.
White Camellia and small Birds.
Owl in Pine tree and Moon.
Green Bird in Persimmon tree.
Two Wild Ducks and Flowering Reeds.
Quail and Poppy.
Macaw in Vines.
Cuckoo and Rain.
Snail on Pink.
Tessenka (flowering plant).
Common Brake and Pheasant.
Crickets and Morning Glory.
Aster and Crane.
Begonia and Dragon Fly.
Ivy and small Bird.
Hawk and Sparrow.
Trout and Hydrangea. Aizuri.
Note:- The above were issued about the years 1832-1834. On each is an ancient poem.

Flower and Sparrow. Publisher, Kawasho.
Mandarin Ducks and Snow. Publisher, Kawasho.
Series representing the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Publisher, Fujihiko.
Two Water-birds and Reeds on the Suda (Sumida) River. Publisher, Murata.
Pheasant on Pine tree in Snow. Publisher, Kawasho.
Grey bird with red beak hanging from} Magnolia. Publisher, Kawasho.
Blue bird and large yellow flower with red centre. Publisher, Kawasho.
Mandarin Ducks walking on Ice.
Pair of Quail and Poppies. Publisher, Kawasho.
Pair of Sparrows on snow-laden Camellia. Publisher, Kawasho.

Paper Lantern, Cherry-blossoms and Moon. Publisher, Aritaya.
Japanese Bunting and Wistaria. Publisher, Marusei.
Green Cuckoo on pink japonica. Publisher, Yamasho.
Kingfisher and Iris. (Signature near middle of sheet on right, with censor's seal above.)
Kingfisher and Iris. (Copy of above; signature low on right, seal, Hiro, no censor's seal.)