Omi Hakkei. Eight Views of Omi. Yotsugiri Yokoye. 8 sheets in a set. Publisher Senichi. The above prints and the following set are early landscape prints signed Ichiyusai Hiroshige instead of Ichiryusai Hiroshige, and were produced before 1832.

Yedo Junikei. Twelve Views of Yedo. Yotsugiri Yokoye. 12 sheets in a set.
Nihon-bashi Yukihare. Sunrise in Snow.
Gotenyama-no Hana. Cherries.
Sumidagawa. The Sumida.
Dokanyama Shita. Foot of Dokan Hill.
Susaki Shiohi. Shell-gathering at Susaki.
Takanawa. Moon at Takanawa.
Tsukudajima. Incoming Boats at Tsukudajima.
Ryogokubashi Shita. Moon at Ryogoku.
Nakasu-no Kei. View of Nakasu.
Uyeno Shinobazu. Shinobazu Pond, Uyeno.
Yoshiwara Tambo. Evening view of Rice-fields near Yoshiwara.

Tsuki Niju Hakkei. Twenty-eight Moonlight Scenes. Publisher, Kikakudo. Only two of this series have, so far, been found.
Yumihari Zuki. The Bow Moon.
Hagoshi-no Tsuki. The Moon seen through Maple Leaves.
Note:- The Memorial Catalogue states that these were published by Jakurindo. The examples in the Happer Sale, that of the Bow Moon catalogued by MM. Vignier and Inada, and those in the Victoria and Albert Museum have the mark Kikakudo (Sanoki); so possibly the Memorial Catalogue is in error. An interesting experiment was made by the late Mr. Wilson Crewdson, who had the second of the series enlarged to 3 ft. by 1 ft. 2 in., a stencil cut, and used for printing cloth. Specimens are exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Shiki Koto Meisho. Famous Views of Yedo in the Four Seasons. A set of 4. Publisher, Kawasho. Chū-tanzaku.
Haru Gotenyama-no Hana. Cherry-blossom in Spring at Gotenyama; with a woman preparing dengaku (bean-cakes).

Poem:- What can be more sweet ?
A windless day
Perfume and hue of blossoms !

Natsu Ryogoku-no Tsuki. Full Moon at Ryogoku Bridge in Summer. A melon-seller.

Poem:- Where do the fireworks glitter on high -
The meeting and parting crowd pass on ?
'Tis Ryogoku Bridge.

Aki Kaianji Momiji. The Autumn Maples at Kaianji.

Poem:- The Maples dyed by Autumn
Make a fine brocade
There is neither warp nor woof!

Fuyu Sumidagawa-no Yuki. The Sumida River in Winter Snow. A timber-raft.

Poem:- The snowflakes fall and float
On the Sumidagawa tide -
I think of the Miyakadori dancers.

Yedo Kinko Hakkei-no Uchi. Eight Views of the Neighbourhood of Yedo. A series of 8. Publisher, Kikakudo. Ōban Yokoye.
Koganei Yusho. Sunset at Koganei. Old cherry trees in blossom on the banks of a narrow stream spanned by a bridge.
Ikegami Banstro. Evening Bells at Ikegami. The temple, at the head of a steep flight of steps, in a wood.
Haneda Rakugan. Geese Flying Home at Haneda. A temple in a clump of trees on a little bank in the midst of the marshes.
Shibaura Seiran. Clearing Weather at Shibaura. Two boats at anchor off Shibaura.
Azumi Mori Yau. Evening Rain at Azumi-no Mori. A little shrine seen in thick woods beyond a narrow path through rice-fields.
Asukayama Bosetsu. Evening Snow at Asukayama. Peasants with a pack-horse in a snowstorm at the foot of the Asuka hill, famous for cherry-blossom.
Giotoku Kihan. Two fishing-boats with large striped sails and other boats returning to harbour.
Tamagawa Strugetsu. Autumn Moon at Tama. The full moon above a willow tree on the bank of the river with a boat and fishermen.
Note:- The first edition has, in the upper part of each print, a poem in 3 or 4 verses by Taihado. Some are stamped in the margin Taihado-Kaihan (Prints originated by Taihado). Later editions have only one verse.

Omi Hakkei-no Uchi. Eight Views of Omi.
Seta-no Sekisho. Sunset at Seta.
Karasaki-no Yau. Evening Rain at Karasaki Pine Tree.
Yabase-no Kihan. Fishing-boats sailing back to Yabase.
Katata-no Rakugan. Geese Homing at Katata.
Ishiyama-no Shugetsu. Autumn Moon at Ishiyama.
Hira-no Bosetsu. Evening Snow at Mount Hira.
Awazu-no Seiran. Weather Clearing after Storm at Awazu.
Mii-no Bansho. Evening Bell at Miidera (temple).
Note:- These are the famous Eight Scenes on the shore of Lake Biwa. Each has an appropriate poem in a square at the corner. Publishers, Hoyeido and Yeisendo. Ōban Yokoye.

Kyoto Meisho. Views of Kyoto. A set of 10. Publisher, Yeisendo. Ōban Yokoye. (Published about A.D. 1835.)
Yodogawa. Passenger boat on the Yodo River in moonlight.
Shijo Gawara Yusuzumi. The cool of the evening - the river bed at Shijo.
Gionsha Setchu. Gion Shrine in snow.
Yase-no Sato. Spring scene at Yase.
Arashiyama Manka. Cherry-blossom on the banks at Arashiyama.
Kiyomidzu. Cherry-blossom in the grounds of Kiyomidzu Temple.
Kinkakuji. The Temple.
Tadasugawara-no Yudachi. Shower at twilight, Tadasugawara.
Shimabara Deguchi-no Yanagi. Moonlight scene at the gate of the Licensed Quarter, from which a jolly roysterer is being assisted home.
Tsuten Kyo-no Kofu. Merrymaking beneath the maple trees at Tsuten Kyo.