ANCHI (Kwaigetsudo), c. 1715


BANKI (c. 1800)

A very rare follower of Utamaro; work very refined.

BUNCHO (Ippitsusai) w. 1764-1796

A follower of Shunsho, but learnt painting from Ishikawa Takamoto; date of birth and death unknown. Also a writer of comic poems.

BUNKYO (Sakuragawa), c. 1790

A very rare artist, whose work is extraordinarily like that of Shuncho, whose pupil he may have been, though perhaps originally in the school of Buncho.

BUNRO (Tamagawa), c. 1800-1810

A very rare imitator of Utamaro, though supposed to have been originally a pupil of Buncho.

CHIHARU (Takashima), 1776-1859

An unknown artist; book illustrator (yoko-ye shape).

CHIKANOBU (Kano), c. 1710

Work very rare.

CHINCHO (Hanekawa), 1679-1754

Pupil of Kiyonobu. By birth a samurai. Work exceedingly rare. Also signed Hanekawa Motonobu.

CHOKI (Yeishosai), w. 1785-1805

Pupil of Toriyama Sekiyen; also signed Shiko and Yeishosai.

ENKIO (Kabukido), w. c. 1780-1790

An unknown artist, follower of Sharaku. Large actor heads extraordinarily like those of Sharaku. Only known to the author by one print.

ENSHI (Angiusai), c. 1780

Follower of Kiyonaga with style of Shuncho; perhaps a pupil of Shunsho. Work very rare.

FUJINOBU (Yamaki), c. 1760

A very rare pupil of Harunobu.

GAKUTEI (Yashima), w. 1800-1840

Pupil of both Hokkei and Hokusai; famous for his surimono. Worked at Osaka; also signed Gogaku and Gakutei Harunobu.

GOKYO (Hosoda), c. 1800

Pupil of Yeishi ; signed Yeishi's pupil, Gokyo; rare.

GOSHICHI (Harukawa), c. 1810-1830

Worked both in Yedo, Kyoto, and Osaka; actor-prints and surimono. Rare.

HANZAN (Suiyeido), c. 1830

An Osaka artist, designer of surimono.

HARUMASU (Kochoyen), w. 1830-1854

As pupil of Kunisada signed Kunimori (later work); also signed Horai.

HARUNOBU (Suzuki), c. 1725-1770

Pupil of Shigenaga. (See pages 39, 40.)

HARUSHIGE (Suzuki), c. 1760

Variously supposed to be :‑
1. Son and pupil of Harunobu.
2. Same as Shiba KOKAN (q.v.).
3. Early name of KORIUSAI (q.v.).

HARUTSUGU (Suzuki), c. 1770

Pupil (and perhaps son) of Harunobu. Work very rare.

HIDEMARO (Kitagawa), w. 1804-1817

Pupil of Utamaro; rather rare.

HIROKAGE (Ichiyusai) w. c. 1860

Pupil of Hiroshige.

HIROSADA (Utagawa), 1800-1867

Pupil of Kunisada who worked at Osaka.

HIROSHIGE (Ichiryusai), 1797-1858

Pupil of Toyohiro; noted for landscape. (Vide Chapter VII.)

HIROSHIGE II, w. 1840-1866

Pupil of Hiroshige; also known as Ichiyusai Shigenobu. (Vide Chapter VII.)

HISANOBU (Hyakusai), w. c. 1800-1810

Follower of Utamaro, work rare.

HOKKEI (Totoya), 1780-1850

Pupil of Hokusai, an Osaka artist, famous for his surimono.

HOKUBA (Teisai), 1770-1844

Pupil of Hokusai; designer of surimono and book-illustrations.

HOKUGA (Katsushika), w. c. 1830-1840

Osaka artist, pupil of Hokusai, and designer of surimono; signed also Hotei.

HOKU-I (Hakusanjin), w. c. 1830-1840

Pupil of Hokusai.

HOKU-ITSU (Katsushika), w. c. 1820-1830

Pupil of Hokusai.

HOKUJIU (Shotei), w. c. 1800-1840

Pupil of Hokusai; noted for his landscapes in semi-European style.

HOKUSAI (Katsushika), 1760-1849

At first studied in the school of Shunsho, but became an independent artist, famous for his landscape designs. (Vide Chapter VII.)

HOKUSHIU (Shunkosai), w. c. 1810-1850

Osaka artist, pupil of Hokusai.

HOKUTEI (Katsushika), w. c. 1790-1820

Pupil of Hokusai; also used names Yeisai and Raito, the latter given him by Hokusai when he discarded it.

HOKUYEI (Shumbaisai),w. c. 1810-1840

Osaka artist, pupil of Hokusai; also signed Sek-waro.

IKKU (Jippensha), 1775-1831

An author of plays and romances, but only an occasional artist.

JAKUCHO-O (Ito), w. c. 1865-1870

Noted for his very fine Kwa-cho ("bird-flower") prints on a black ground; but very rare.

KANAMARO (Kitagawa), c. 1800

A very rare pupil of Utamaro.

KATSUSHIGE (Utagawa), c. 1790

Unknown artist; work very rare.

KAZUMARO (Gakutei), c. 1830

Osaka artist, designer of landscape in yoko-ye shape, probably a pupil of Gakutei; but very rare. May possibly be a signature of Gakutei himself.

KIKUMAR0 (Kitagawa), w. c. 1789-1829

The best of Utamaro's pupils; also signed (after 1800) Tsukimaro.

KIOSAI (Shojo), 1831-1889

At first pupil of Kuniyoshi, afterwards of Kano Tohaku; noted for his pictures of crows, but designed few colour‑prints. Signed also Chikamaro (early), and Kawanabe.

KIYOHARU (Torii), c. 1720-1740

Pupil of Kiyomitsu.

KIYOHIRO (Torii), c. 1708-1766

Pupil of Kiyomasu.

KIYOMASA (Torii), w. c. 1790-1900

Pupil and son of Kiyonaga; work very rare.

KIYOMASU (Torri), 1679-1762

Pupil of Kiyonobu.

KIYOMINE (Torii), 1786-1868

Pupil of Kiyonaga; work rare.

KIYOMITSU (Torii), 1735-1785

Son and pupil of Kiyomasu.

KIYONAGA (Torii), 1752-1815.

Pupil of Kiyomitsu; between 1780 and 1788 was the leading artist of Ukiyoye, influencing all his con-temporaries.

KIYONOBU (Torii), 1664-1729.

Founder of the Torii school.

KIYOSHIGE (Torii), w. c. 1720-1760

Third son and pupil of Kiyonobu; very fine actor pillar-prints.

KIYOTADA (Torii), w. c. 1715-1740

Pupil of Kiyonobu; besides the prints usual to the Torii school, produced large prints of perspective views (uki-ye).

KIYOTOMO (Torri), w. 1717-1736

Follower of Kiyonobu; extremely rare.

KIYOTSUNE (Torii), 1735-1785

Pupil of Kiyomitsu; designed both hoso-ye and large-sized prints. Collaborated with Kiyomitsu; influenced by Harunobu.

KORAN (Shiba), 1747-1818

Follower of Harunobu, who also forged many prints signed Harunobu; also perhaps imitated him over the signature Harushige.

KORIUSAI (Isoda), w. c. 1760-1780

Pupil first of Shigenaga and afterwards of Harunobu; notable for his pillar-prints and studies of birds and flowers. Also signed Haruhiro as pupil of Harunobu, but very rare; the signature Harushige may also be an early one of his; also signed Koriu only. Uses sometimes the signature Buko Yagenbori no Inshi Koriusai ("Koriusai the retired old man of Yagenbori," i.e. Yedo) on his series "New Designs for Spring Grasses." (See Plate 31, page 186.)

KUNICHIKA (Ichiosai), w. c. 1860

Pupil of Kunisada. Actor-prints and figure-studies; drew memorial portrait of his master.

KUNIHARU (Utagawa), c. 1800

Pupil of Toyokuni. Was an actor, Arashi Tokusaburo, who turned artist. Signs Arashi Tokusaburo aratame Kuniharu.

KUNIHIRO (Utagawa), c. 1820

Pupil of Toyokuni.

KUNIHISA (Ichiryusai), w. c. 1860

Pupil of Kunisada, with whom he sometimes collaborated; must not be confused with the other Kunihisa, female pupil of Gosotei Toyokuni; also signed Ipposai and Ichiyunsai.

KUNIHISA (Utagawa), w. c. 1840-1860

Said to be a female pupil of Gosotei Toyokuni; work very rare; signed Kunihisa, pupil of Toyokuni. Actor-prints.

KUNIMARO (Utagawa), w. c. 1840-1860

Pupil of Kunisada; signed also Ichiyensai; also book-illustrator and writer of verse.

KUNIMARU (Utagawa), c. 1787-1817

Pupil of Toyokuni; signed Saikaro Kunimaru, also Ichiyensai.

KUNIMASA (Utagawa), 1772-1810

Pupil of Toyokuni; work very rare and of a high order.

KUNIMITSU (Ichiyosai), w. c. 1805-1820

Pupil of Toyokuni with whom he collaborated; also book-illustrator; work rare.

KUNIMORI (Utagawa), w. 1830-1854

The later name of Horai Harumasu (q.v.), as pupil of Kunisada.

KUNINAGA (Utagawa), d.c. 1820

Pupil of Toyokuni. Work rare.

KUNINAO (Utagawa), w. c. 1810-1840

Pupil of Toyokuni; prolific book-illustrator; prints rare.

KUNINOBU (Suzuki), c. 1770

An exceedingly rare artist; pupil first of Toyonobu and afterwards of Harunobu.

KUNISADA (Utagawa), 1786-1864

Chief pupil of Toyokuni, and leader of the Utagawa school after the latter's death; also used the names Gototei, Kochoro, Ichiyusai, and Ichiyusai. After 1844 he signed Toyokuni, as the second of the name, ignoring the prior claim of Gosotei Toyokuni, adopted son of Toyokuni.

KUNISADA II, 1823-1880

Pupil of Kunisada; when his master assumed the name of Toyokuni, he took that of Kunisada, being previously known as Kunimasa II. Also used the names Baido and Baichoro.

KUNITERU (Utagawa), w. c. 1830-1850

Pupil of Kunisada; previous to 1844 known as Sadashige. Also signed Ichiyusai.

KUNITORA (Utagawa), c. 1804-1830

Pupil of Toyokuni; biography unknown.

KUNIYASU (Utagawa), c. 1800-1830

Pupil of Toyokuni; work rather better than most of his contemporaries, and rather uncommon. Used also names Ipposai and Yasugoro. Designed surimono.

KUNIYOSHI (Utagawa), 1797-1861

With Kunisada the leading pupil of Toyokuni's studio and himself the master of several pupils. Also used names Ichiyusai and Cho-o-ro.


The name of a group of artists who used this name together with their own.

KWANZAN (Okada), w. c. 1825-1846

An Osaka artist, designer of surimono.

MASANOBU (Kitao), 1761-1816

A highly-talented pupil of Shigemasa, better known in his day as a poet under the name of Santo Kioden. His book-illustrations of "Yoshiwara Beauties and their Autographs" is famous; his single-sheet prints are very fine and very rare; frequently no signature to them.

MASANOBU (Okumura), 1685-1764

A Yedo bookseller, founder of the Okumura sub-school; used the signatures Yamato Gwako, Hogetsudo, Bunkaku, Tanchosai (also in seal form).

MASAYOSHI (Kitao), 1761-1824

Pupil of Shigemasa; also used the names Keisai and Shoshin.

MASUNOBU (Tanaka), w. c. 1750-1770

Very rare artist, who appears to have been a follower of Harunobu in style, judging from the only two hashiraye that have been noted by him. Perhaps a pupil of Toyonobu.

MATORA (Oishi), w. c. 1830

Designer mainly of book-illustrations and Osaka surimono. Rare.

MINEMARO (Kitagawa), c. 1800

A rare pupil of Utamaro.

MINKO (Tachibana), w. c. 1751-1771

An extremely rare artist, known for his famous series of six oblong prints entitled Kitsune-no-Yome-iri, "The Fox's Wedding," done in collaboration with five other artists, probably his pupils, Chiryu, Banto, Kisen, Ryushi, and Suiyo.

MOROMASA (Furuyama), c. 1715-1740

Pupil of Moronobu; signed also Tsukitsukido.

MORONOBU (Hishikawa), 1625-1694

His lifetime saw the real beginnings of the Ukiyoye school as designers for wood-engraving. Moronobu was the first to make it a real art.

NANAMARO (Kitagawa), c. 1800

A very rare pupil of Utamaro.

NAOMASA (Utagawa), c. 1830

An unknown artist, perhaps pupil of Kuninao.

NORISHIGE (Kwaigetsudo), c. 1715


NORITOKI (Kwaigetsudo)


RENSHI, c. 1830-1840

Pupil of Gakutei; designed landscape book-illustrations, yoko-ye shape like Gakutei's "Views of Tempozan" series.

RYUKOKU (Shunkyosai), c. 1795-1810

A rare follower of Utamaro, but nothing is known of his biography.

SADAHIDE (Utagawa), w. c. 1830-1850

The best of Kunisada's pupils. Also used the names Gountei, Gokuransei, Gokurantei, Gofutei, and Giokuran.

SADAHIRO (Utagawa), w. c. 1840

An Osaka artist, pupil of Kunisada; did a good oblong series of Osaka views.

SADAKAGE (Utagawa), c. 1850

Pupil of Kunisada; worked both in Yedo and Osaka; designed surimono; signed Gokotei.

SADAMASA (Utagawa), c. 1840

Pupil of Kunisada and Sadanobu; an Osaka artist.

SADAMASU (Utagawa), w.1830-1850

One of the best pupils of Kunisada, following Hiroshige in landscape designs. An Osaka artist.

SADANOBU (Tamura), c. 1730

Pupil of Sukenobu; very rare.

SADANOBU (Hasegawa), w. c. 1850-1860.

Pupil of Kunisada and Sadamasa. Osaka artist; designed actor-prints and also copied Hiroshige's landscapes.

SADASHIGE (Utagawa), c. 1850 (d.1874).

Pupil of Kunisada; also used name of Kuniteru (late), signed Toshiro.

SADATORA (Utagawa), w. c. 1820-1845

Pupil of Kunisada; also signed Gofutei.

SANJIN (Suiho), c. 1850

An Osaka artist; actor-prints.

SEKIJO (Toriyama), c. 1790

Pupil of Toriyama Sekiyen, who followed Utamaro. Work rare.

SEKKYO (Sawa), c. 1790

Pupil originally of Tsutsumi Torin, a painter of the Kano school, but became independent. He designed landscapes, bird and animal studies often in one colour of graded black or blue. Work rare.

SENCHO (Teisai), c. 1830-1850

Pupil of Yeisen; designed studies of oirans closely after the style of his master.

SENKA (Toriyama), c. 1790-1800

An unknown artist whose work is good and closely resembles that of Utamaro, much like Ryukoku. Very uncommon.

SHARAKU (Toshiusai), w. c. 1790-1795

An independent artist, formerly an actor in the aristo­cratic "No" dance. Notable for his large bust-portraits of actors. Very rare.

SHIGEHARU (Riusai), 1818-1844

Pupil of Yanagawa Shigenobu; an Osaka artist, designed actor-prints.

SHIGEMASA (Kitao), 1739-1819

Pupil of Shigenaga; prints rare, and often unsigned.

SHIGENAGA (Nishimura), 1697-1756

Son and pupil of Nishimura Shigenobu.

SHIGENOBU (Nishimura), w. c. 1720-1740

Biography unknown; work very rare.

SHIGENOBU (Ichiyusai), w. c. 1840-1866

Pupil and son-in-law of Hiroshige, better known as Hiroshige II (q. v.).

SHIGENOBU (Yanagawa), 1784-1832

Pupil and son-in-law of Hokusai; an Osaka artist, noted for his fine surimono. Sometimes signed Yanagawa only.

SHIKIMARO (Kitagawa), w. c. 1790-1810

Pupil of Utamaro. Designed figure-studies; also some good bird-studies.



SHINKO (Toriyama), c. 1800

A follower of Utamaro; work very rare.

SHINSAI (Riuriukio), w. c. 1800-1830

Pupil of Hokusai, whose name of Shinsai he took when the latter dropped it; designed fine surimono.

SHUCHO (Tamagawa), w. c. 1790-1800

A rare artist; biography unknown, but probably a pupil of Ippitsusai Buncho by the script of his signature. Designed figure-studies.

SHUNBENI (or Shunko), c. 1810

A late pupil of Shunyei; must not be confused with Shunko the pupil of Shunsho.

SHUNCHO (Katsukawa), w.1770-1800

One of the chief artists of Ukiyoye; pupil of Shunsho but follower of Kiyonaga in style.

SHUNDO (Katsukawa), w. 1770-1800

Pupil of Shunsho; work rare. Actor-prints.

SHUNJO (Katsukawa), w. c. 1780-1790

Pupil of Shunsho. Actor-prints.

SHUNKIYO (Katsukawa), c. 1810

A pupil of the Katsukawa school, probably of Shunyei, but designed figure-studies of Yoshiwara beauties à la Utamaro instead of actors, closely after the style of Yeizan. Rare.

SHUNKO (Katsukawa), w. c. 1770-1790

A leading pupil of Shunsho; also used a small jar‑shaped seal (hence his nickname of "Little Jar"‑ ko-tsubo) in lieu of signature. Hoso-ye actor-prints.

SHUNKO (or Shunbeni), c. 1810

Pupil of Shunyei; writes the ko of his signature different to the above. (Vide SHUNBENI.)

SHUNKYOKU (Katsukawa), c. 1770

An extremely rare artist, probably pupil of Shunsho; the only recorded print by him being a figure-study hashira-ye. (Happer.)

SHUNMAN (Kubo), 1757-1820

Pupil of Shigemasa; followed Kiyonaga in style. Full-size prints very rare; designed many surimono. Writer of verse.

SHUNSEI (Katsukawa), c. 1790

A very rare pupil of Shunsho.

SHUNSEN (Kashosai), w. c. 1790-1823

Pupil at first of Torin, then of Shunyei; also signed Kashosai, and (after 1820) Shunko, but different script to either the foregoing of this name. Figure-studies and landscape. Book-illustrations more numerous than single prints.

SHUNSEN (Katsukawa), w. c. 1790

A very rare pupil of Shunsho, not to be confused with the foregoing; he designed hoso-ye actor-prints like his master and wrote the sen of his name different to the above Shunsen, and in the form Yeisen wrote it.

SHUNSHO (Katsukawa), 1729-1792

Pupil of Shunsui, a painter, and founder of the Katsukawa school. One of the leading artists of Ukiyoye, particularly in actor-portraiture.



SHUNTEI (Katsukawa), 1770-1820

Pupil of SHUNYEI; noted for his battle-scenes and prints of actors and wrestlers. Also book-illustrations.

SHUNTO (Katsukawa), w. c. 1790

Pupil of Shunyei; work uncommon.

SHUNWAKU (Katsukawa), c. 1780-1790

A pupil of the Katsukawa school, probably of Shunyei; work rare.

SHUNYEI (Katsukawa), 1768-1819

The chief pupil of Shunsho, and himself master of a large school of pupils; noted for his prints of actors and wrestlers. A leading artist in his day. Designed many book-illustrations.

SHUNZAN (Katsukawa), w. c. 1780-1800

Pupil of Shunsho and of Shunyei, but worked under the influence of Kiyonaga.

SOGAKU (Rekisentei), c. 1810

A very rare pupil of Rekisentei Yeiri.

SORAKU (? Toriyama), c. 1800

A very rare artist, biography unknown; figure-studies à la Utamaro and Yeishi; may possibly have been a pupil of the latter.

SORI (Tawaraya), w. 1798-1840

Pupil of Hokusai, who adopted the name of Sori on his master's discarding it in 1798; designed surimono. Rare.

SORIN (Rekisentei), c. 1800

Very rare; presumably pupil of Rekisentei Yeiri.

SUGAKUDO, w. 1850-1860

An independent artist, noted for his prints of birds and flowers.

SUKEI (Tsutsumi), c. 1800

Pupil of Torin, a painter of the Chinese school.

SUKENOBU (Nishikawa), 1674-1754

Single prints very rare; practically all his work being in the form of book-illustrations dealing with the occupations of women.

TAITO (Katsushika), w. c. 1800-1840

Pupil of Hokusai; received the name Taito from him in 1810. Worked both in Yedo and Osaka; forged Hokusai's signature frequently.

TAKIMARO (Kitagawa), c. 1800

Pupil of Utamaro whom he assisted in his "Book of the Green Houses." Work rare.

TERUNOBU (Katsumura), (18th cent.).

One of the Primitives, biography unknown.

TERUSHIGE (Katsukawa), (18th cent.)

Perhaps pupil of Kiyonobu; biography unknown. Very rare.

TORIN (Tsutsumi), w. c. 1780-1820

Painter of the Kano school; founded a small school which produced mainly book-illustrations.

TOSHIMASA (Chokotei), c. 1800.

A very rare artist; biography unknown.

TOSHINOBU (Okumura), w. 1750

Pupil and son of Masanobu.

TOYOHARU (Utagawa), 1733-1814

Pupil of Shigenaga and probably also of Toyonobu; founder of the Utagawa school. Noted for his prints in perspective after the canons of European drawing.

TOYOHIDE (Kitagawa), c. 1830

An Osaka artist, pupil of Gosotei Toyokuni.

TOYOHIDE (Utagawa), w. c. 1790-1820

Pupil of Toyoharu, work rare.

TOYOHIRO (Utagawa), 1763-1828

Pupil of Toyoharu; distinguished as the teacher of Hiroshige.

TOYOHISA (Utagawa), w. c. 1790-1820

Pupil of Toyoharu; designed figure-studies; work rare.

TOYOKUNI (Utagawa), 1769-1825

Pupil of Toyoharu, and the most prominent artist of the Utagawa school; his output of prints (actors and figure-studies) was enormous, and varies very much in quality. He had a large number of pupils.

TOYOKUNI (Gosotei), 1777-1835

Pupil and adopted son of Toyokuni to whose name he succeeded in 1826 after the death of the latter, being the real Toyokuni II, a claim ignored by Kunisada who called himself the "second Toyokuni." Also used the name Ichiryusai.

TOYOMARU (Utagawa), w. c. 1785-1815

Pupil of Toyoharu and also of Shunsho, under the name of Kusamura Shunro; also signed Kusamura Toyo­maru. Actor-prints; work rare.

TOYOMASA (Ishikawa), w. c. 1770-1790

Pupil - and perhaps son - of Ishikawa TOYONOBU; noted for his representation of children.

TOYONAGA (Amano), (mid-18th cent.)

An unknown and extremely rare artist; probably pupil of Toyonobu.

TOYONOBU (Ishikawa), 1711-1785

Pupil of Shigenaga; noted for his very fine pillar-prints, and drawings of the nude, thus making an exception to the general practice of Japanese art. Also signed Ichikawa Shuha, either alone or in conjunction with Toyonobu. Other names used: Meijodo, Tanshindo, and Tanjodo.

TOYONOBU (Utagawa)

Said to be a pupil of the above. He died very young and his prints are exceedingly rare.

TOYOSHIGE (Utagawa), 1777-1835

The name of Gosotei TOYOKUNI (q.v.) previous to 1826.

TSUKIMARO (Kitagawa)


UMPO (Tsutsumi), c. 1800

Pupil of Torin.

UTAMARO (Kitagawa), 1753-1806

Son and pupil of Toriyama Sekiyen; one of the leading artists of Ukiyoye, and in his day the foremost painter of women. Had several pupils and innumerable imitators and forgers of his name; amongst the latter were Toyokuni and more particularly Yeizan.

UTAMARO II, w. 1804-1817

Pupil of Utamaro who married his widow and assumed his name and style.

YEI-ICHI (Teisai), c. 1840

Pupil of Yeisen. Very rare.

YEIJU (Chotensai), c. 1800

Pupil of Yeishi. Work extremely rare.

YEIRI (Hosoda), w. 1790-1800

Pupil of Yeishi; work very rare. Signed often Yeiri, pupil of Yeishi.

YEIRI (Rekisentei), w. 1790-1800

Pupil of Hasegawa Mitsunobu, but influenced by Yeishi, whose style he followed; wrote the Yei of his name in different character to that used by Yeishi and his pupils. Signed also in full Rekisentei Yeiri.

YEISEN (Keisai), 1789-1851

Pupil of Kano Hakukeisai, mostly designer of figure-studies of women, but also did some fine landscapes. Notable also for his blue prints.

YEISHI (Hosoda), w. 1780-1800

An artist of samurai rank, notable for his very refined work; one of the best figure-study artists of Ukiyoye. Founder of the Hosoda school. Also used the name Chobunsai.

YEISHIN (Choyensai), c. 1800-1810

Pupil of Yeishi; work very rare.

YEISHO (Hosoda), w. c. 1790-1800

The chief pupil of Yeishi; work rare. Also signed Chokosai.

YEISUI (Ichirakusei), w. c. 1790-1800

Pupil of Yeishi; work very rare.

YEIZAN (Kikugawa), w. 1800-1829

Pupil of Kikugawa Yeiji; imitator and rival of Utamaro, whose prints he sometimes forged.

YEKIGI (Tsutsumi), c. 1800

Pupil of Torin.

YENKIO (Kabukido)


YENSHI (Angiusai)


YOSHI-IKU (Ichiyeisai), 1824-1895

Pupil of Kuniyoshi.

YOSHIKAZA (Ichijiusai), w. c. 1830-1865

Pupil of Kuniyoshi; also signed Ichikawa.

YOSHIKUNI (Utagawa), w. c. 1830-1860

Pupil of Kuniyoshi; also signed Jukodo and Toyokawa.

YOSHINOBU (Komai), w. c. 1765-1770

Very rare pupil of Harunobu; also signed Yamamoto. By some supposed to be an early signature of Koriusai.

YOSHITORA (Utagawa), w. 1840-1870

One of the most capable of Kuniyoshi's pupils; also signed Ichimosai and Kinchoro.

YUMIAKI (Toriyama), c. 1800

An unknown artist, whose only known work consists of three hashira-ye. Apparently a follower of Utamaro.