One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
Meisho Yedo Hiakkei


1856 - 1858


Uoya Eikichi


Oban tateye

Number of Prints: 

120/120 (inc. Title Page and a replacement print by Hiroshige II)


Memorial Catalogue , Strange , Stewart

1. Clearing Weather after Snow at Nihon Bridge

2. Kasumigaseki

3. Yamashita-cho and Outer Sakurada

4. Tsukuda Island from
Eitai Bridge

5. Ekoin, the Ryogoku District, and Moto Yanagi Bridge

6. Hatsune Riding Ground at Bakurocho

7. Cotton Goods Shops
at Odemmacho

8. Surugacho

9. The Eight Streets
and Sujichigai

10. Dawn at the Kanda Myojin Shrine

11. The Kiyomizu Temple and Shinobazu Pond at Ueno

12. The Yamashita District
of Ueno

13. Hirokoji Street
in Shitaya

14. Temple Gardens
in Nippori

15. Suwa Bluff
near Nippori

16. The Flower Mansion on Dango Slope in Sendagi

17. View to the North
from Mt. Asuka

18. The Inari Shrine
at Oji

19. The Dam on the Otanashi River near
Oji, Commonly Called the Great Waterfall

20. Zenko Temple
and the Ferry at Kawaguchi

21. Atago Hill in Shiba

22. The Furu River
at Hiroo

23. Chiyo Pond
at Meguro

24. The New Mt. Fuji
in Meguro

25. The Original Mt. Fuji
in Meguro

26. The Eight View Slope and the Armor Hanging Tree

27. The Plum Orchard
at Kamata

28. Goten Hill
at Shinagawa

29. The Original Hachiman Shrine at Suna Village

30. The Plum Orchard
at Kameido

31. The Intertwined Catalpa Trees at Azuma Grove

32. Yanagishima

33. Barges on the
Yotsugi-dori Canal

34. Night View of
Matsuchi Hill and
the San'ya Canal

35. Massaki and the
Suijin Grove by
the Sumida River

36. Suijin Grove, the Uchi River and Sekiya Village from the Vicinity of Massaki

37. The Kilns by the Hashiba Ferry on
the Sumida River

38. Dawn Clouds at
the Licensed Quarter

39. Distant View of Kinryuzan Temple
and Azuma Bridge

40. Basho's Hut on Camellia Hill beside the Aquaduct at Sekiguchi

41. Hachiman Shrine
at Ichigaya

42. Cherry Trees in Bloom along the Embankment of the Tama River

43. Nihon Bridge
and Edo Bridge

44. View of the First Street on Nihonbashidori

45. The Yoroi Ferry
and Koami-cho

46. Shohei Bridge and Seido Hall by the Kanda River

47. The Fudo Waterfall
at Oji

48. The Paulownia Plantation at Akasaka

49. The Pagoda at Zojo Temple at Akabane

50. The Sumiyoshi Festival on Tsukada Island

51. Mannen Bridge and
the Fukagawa District

52. Evening Shower at Atake and the Great Bridge

53. The River Bank
by Ryogoku Bridge

54. The Rendezvous Pine near the Asakusa River and the Ommaya Bank of the Sumida River

55. Azuma Bridge and
the Komagata Hal

56. Irises
at Horikiri

57. Precincts of the Tenjin Shrine at Kameido

58. The Sakasai Ferry

59. Cherry Blossoms at
the Hachiman Shrine
in Fukagawa

60. Mouth of the
Naka River

61. Scattered Pines
beside the Tone River

62. The Eight View

63. Suido Bridge
and Suruga Hill

64. The Junitori, or Twelve Kumano Shrines
at Tsunohazu

65. The Entrance of the Sanno Festival Procession to Kojimachi

66. Kojimachi and the Benkei Moat at Soto Sakurada

67. The Parting Waters
at Mitsumata

68. The Asakusa River, Miyato River, and the Banks of the Sumida River

69. The Bell Deeps on
the Ayase River

70. The Snail Hall at
the Temple of the
Five Hundred Arhats

71. The Thirty-three Ken Hall at Fukagawa

72. The Benten Shrine
and the Ferry at Haneda

73. Prosperity Throughout the City during the Tanabata Festival

74. Clothing Shop
at Odemmacho

75. The Dyers' District
in Kanda

76. Kyo Bridge and
the Bamboo Bank of
the Sumida River

77. The Harbor Shrine and Inari Bridge at Teppozu

78. Temple at Tsukiji
and Teppozu

79. Shimmei Shrine and Zojo Temple in Shiba

80. Kanasugi Bridge
at Shibaura

81. Ushimachi, Takanawa

82. Moon Promentory

83. Susaki and Shinagawa

84. The Old Man's Tea
Shop at Meguro

85. Distant View of Akasaka Reservoir from Kinokuni Slope

86. The New Station of Naito at Yotsuya

87. The Benten Shrine
at Inokashira Pond

88. The Waterfall River
at Oji

89. The Moon Pine on
the Temple Precincts
at Ueno

90. Night View of Saruwakacho

91. Precincts of the Akiba Shrine at Ukechi

92. Mokubo Temple
and Vegetable Fields
by the Uchi River

93. Niijuku Ferry

94. Maple Leaves and
the Tekona Shrine
and Bridge at Mama

95. The Tone River
and Goose Hill

96. Horie, Nekozane

97. The Five Trunked Pine on the Onagi River

98. Fireworks at

99. Kinryuzan Temple
at Asakusa

100. The Nihon Embankment and the Yoshiwara

101. Celebration of the Cock Festival in the Ricefields near Asakusa

102. Mikawa Island, Kanasugi, and Minowa

103. The Great Bridge
at Senju

104. The Koume Embankment

105. Ommayagashi

106. Lumberyards
at Fukagawa

107. Susaki and the Jumantsubo Plain
near Fukagawa

108. View of the Bay
at Shiba

109. The Samezu Coast South of Shinagawa

110. The Pine of the Hanging Surplice at Senzoku Pond

111. Yuhi Hill and the
Drum Bridge at Meguro

112. Yabukoji
Below Atago

113. Aoi Slope
outside Toranomon

114. Bikuni Bridge in
the Snow

115. The Horse Track
at Takata

116. Sugatami Bridge, Omokage

117. View from the Top of the Slope at the Tenjin Shrine at Yushima

118. Fox Fires on New Year's Eve at the Garment Nettle Tree at Oji

Title Page

48. Akasaka-Kiribataki
in Rain by Hiroshige II
In later editions this print replaced the original print by Hiroshige